OCD Cleaning Services
Put our expertise to work for you. At OCD Cleaning Services, we are proud to have received the following recognition for our contributions to the Albany/Corvallis community.
02/03/2014 – Kacie Satsuma Said,

"We have had Kelly cleaning our house for the last 6+ months. If there is a schedule change she will contact me. She is very nice but at the same time doesn't stress my husband out who is home when she cleans. He has PTSD and it takes him a while to get comfortable with others. She did have to increase her rate to $30 per hour. My husband and I discussed this but felt it was worth it because she does a good job and my husband felt comfortable with them at our house. "

Description of work:
"Kelly and her worker cleaned and organize my house every other week. If she sees something she can help with she will check to see if we are okay with her changing it. "

Reviews for OCD 
Cleaning Services
05/28/2014 – Barbara Dugger Said, 

Kelly and Jeff provide excellent, professional cleaning services in our home. They are good with our doggie. Kelly calls to confirm appointments ahead of time, which I appreciate since we have employed people who never showed up, much less called when they were not going to come. This is the 4th company we have employed for housecleaning services. THEY ARE THE BEST!!!